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Welcome to Urban Action Academy (18K642)

Principal: Dr. Iris Garcia (IA)

Assistant Principals: Ronda Razak and Dr. Deborah Isom

Canarsie Educational Campus
Canarsie Educational Campus
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About Us

Our small-school environment helps individualize the learning of all students so they can reach their fullest potential. Students are tasked with taking leadership roles within their greater community through internships and community service.


We are located within the Canarsie Educational Campus at 1600 Rockaway Parkway in Brooklyn. We are co-located with:

  • High School for Medical Professions |link|
  • The High School for Innovation in Advertising and Media (iam) |link|
  • Co-Op Tech @ STEP|link|
  • Ayveron Academy

Mission Statement

The mission of Urban Action Academy (UAA) is to provide one child at a time with a unique educational experience that empowers them with an "I Can" mentality to serve as community leaders and facilitate public discourse with self-confidence and humility. Our academic program is structured to teach students to harness the energy of self-confidence and reinforce the discipline of hard work. All students of UAA will graduate equipped with the knowledge , skills and personal choice to pursue college and/ or professional careers in public service. Our UAA graduates will serve as public ambassadors propelled with a renewed sense of urgency to take action on civic calling within their community, city and nation.

School Activities and Other Opportunities

  • Urban Action Academy students can participate in a wide selection of PSAL sports as part of the campus-wide Canarsie Chiefs, including Football (JV and Varsity), Baseball, Basketball (Girls JV and Varsity, Boys JV and Varsity), Indoor and Outdoor Track, Rugby (Boys and Girls), Soccer (Boys and Girls), Girls Volleyball, Wrestling, and Handball.
  • UAA has partnered with High School for Medical Professions to use a state-of-the-art hydroponic greenhouse.
  • Urban Action Academy students have been working with the Mayor’s Office to Combat Domestic Violence through the Y-Plan Project.
  • A campus-wide Fashion Club puts on runway shows twice a year.
  • New opportunities will be added this year. Stay tuned!

Advanced Placement Offerings

For the 2018-2019 school year, we are proud to offer the following courses:

  • AP Chemistry (An AP-For-All Class)
  • AP Computer Science Principals
  • AP Enlish Literature (An AP-For-All Class)
  • AP Psychology (An AP-For-All Class)
  • AP US History (in collaboration with IAM, the High School for Innovation in Advertising and Media)

Bell Schedule

Period 1 8:10—8:56
Period 2 8:57—9:43
Period 3 9:44—10:30
Period 4 10:31—11:17
Period 5 11:18—12:04
Period 6 12:05—12:51
Period 7 12:52—1:38
Period 8 1:39—2:30

Urban Action Academy Faculty

Urban Action Academy Faculty includes new educators with fresh ideas and seasoned professionals with experiences to share. Our staff includes three Peer Collaborative Teachers who have undergone extensive vetting to become teacher leaders with the UAA community. Staff members regularly meet and collaborate in teams by content area and grade level

Staff Testimonials

“Urban has become my second family. The staff goes above and beyond to be there for the students and, through the years, the students have really left their mark. I’ve grown alongside all of them.”
-Mr. Nagy, Science/Computer Science Teacher

"My tenure here at Urban Action Academy has been a growing experience that has defined, for me, what it means to be an educator and what our responsibility is to these students. Working alongside all of you is a daily privilege, and I believe that together, we are able to accomplish incredible things. The upcoming school year promises limitless opportunities; to step up, take on new/exciting roles, and push ourselves personally and professionally in an effort to shape young minds".
-Mr. Satchell, UFT Chapter Leader, Mathematics Teacher

School Data

  • Find data on our school from NYC Schools here. This includes Student Population and Characteristics, School Conditions and Practices, and Student Achievement Outcomes. All data comes from the 2016-2017 school year.
  • Our New York State School Report Card Data can be found here


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