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Welcome to Urban Action Academy (18K642)

Principal: Dr. Iris Garcia

Assistant Principals: Ronda Razak, Dr. Deborah Isom, Ebony Green, Dr. Hasan Shafiq


Canarsie Educational Campus
Canarsie Educational Campus
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We are located within the Canarsie Educational Campus at 1600 Rockaway Parkway in Brooklyn. We are co-located with:

  • High School for Medical Professions |link|
  • The High School for Innovation in Advertising and Media (iam) |link|
  • Co-Op Tech @ STEP|link|
  • Ayveron Academy

Mission Statement

The mission of Urban Action Academy (UAA) is to provide one child at a time with a unique educational experience that empowers them with an "I Can" mentality to serve as community leaders and facilitate public discourse with self-confidence and humility. Our academic program is structured to teach students to harness the energy of self-confidence and reinforce the discipline of hard work. All students of UAA will graduate equipped with the knowledge , skills and personal choice to pursue college and/ or professional careers in public service. Our UAA graduates will serve as public ambassadors propelled with a renewed sense of urgency to take action on civic calling within their community, city and nation.

Bell Schedule

Period 1 8:10—8:56
Period 2 8:57—9:43
Period 3 9:44—10:30
Period 4 10:31—11:17
Period 5 11:18—12:04
Period 6 12:05—12:51
Period 7 12:52—1:38
Period 8 1:39—2:30

School Data

  • Find data on our school from NYC Schools here. This includes Student Population and Characteristics, School Conditions and Practices, and Student Achievement Outcomes. All data comes from the 2016-2017 school year.
  • Our New York State School Report Card Data can be found here


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